Wall Framing

The weather has been against us, but works are slowly progressing upwards, with structural steel framing up and timber wall frames in lower level almost complete.


Lower level corridor/stair well looking out rear door to garden. TV/tatami room to left, master bedroom and ensuite to right.


Tatami room looking out to garden.



Awaiting waterproofing and core-filling of block work retaining wall.


Sketch Design

These are the sketch design plans developed by Workshop Architecture for the tsubo-niwa inspired house.

site plan

Site context plan. The house covers a similar footprint to the neighbouring weatherboard houses.  North is up the page.

north elevation

North Elevation


Section. The house is single story at street frontage and becomes split level at the rear, with a half flight of stairs leading down to the bedroom, tatami, study and garden and a half flight of stairs up to the living/dining/kitchen, with balconies and outlook to city views.

ground plan

Ground floor. The layout is similar in essence to the original concept ideas, however it has a stronger symmetry, with the circulation and courtyard spaces centrally located. The tusbo-niwa remains with the onsen style bathroom adjacent. The master bedroom and tatami room each have corner opening windows on to the garden, a view framed from each space.

first floor

First Floor. Upstairs leads to the central hub of the house, the dining area with kitchen and living to the sides. Each space is extended by an outside balcony. The spaces themselves are differentiated by varying ceiling heights and treatments.