Framing Complete Second Storey

The second storey framing at the rear of the site is complete, roof going on next week.

Second storey framing complete, bearers and courtyard columns started to front section

City views from the lounge and kitchen

Tatami room with ply bracing, will be plasterboard. Floor to be oiled with white tint

Four cypress posts forming the internal Japanese garden

Lovely dressed cypress posts


Design Concept


The overall conceptual idea for the house which Workshop Architecture came up with was inspired by traditional Japanese joinery details. Images are from the book ‘The Art of Japanese Joinery’ by Kiyosi Seike.

pic4 pic2 pic1 conceptfrontconcept rear

The interlocking wooden joinery forms are referenced in the interlocking forms of the larger building’s functional spaces. The blue forms denote enclosed balcony/external areas.

Initial ideas

photoWe worked up an initial concept, single storey at the front to match the bulk of the neighbouring weatherboard cottages, north side entry, small courtyard garden at the entry, two storey behind with bedrooms and tatami room on ground floor and living/dining kitchen on first floor.

The bathroom adjoins the courtyard with openable windows so we can create an onsen (Japanese hot bath) experience open to the outside, using a spa bath.

The upper level remained unresolved and the design was lacking an overall clear concept to tie it together. This combined with my lack of knowledge of the Victorian Building Regulations/Rescode and not having practiced architecture for over 10 years, led us to engage the help of old friends James Staughton and Simone Koch, from Workshop Architecture.

Richard Chenhall and Nerissa Kamat 2013